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Anna Evans (nee Crowley) is a Melbourne-based yoga teacher, counsellor and registered psychologist. She runs individual and small group yoga classes in Melbourne which are influenced and informed by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli's long-term student, Diane Long. This website provides an overview of Anna's perspective on yoga practice as well as details of her teaching schedule.

Anna invites you to share yoga practice with her – refreshing your awareness, moment to moment, bringing clarity to the spine so that it can reclaim its connection to the ground and expand into space. Just like a tree needs fertile soil and strong roots to grow, the spine needs the right conditions and a clear sense of gravity to extend itself naturally and free itself. By developing a rhythmic sense of play with gravity inside the postures, we can stimulate a greater awareness of feeling and ultimately stand more fully in who we are.

This approach values exploration and emphasises the integrity of the exploration process rather than the definition of fixed poses. All you need to bring is your curiosity and your compassion. These provide the alternative to ambition, which tends to aim for pre-determined outcomes. The body has its own way of freeing itself when we are willing to listen. Through practice, we learn what a practice is and how to practise. An honest practice cultivates our capacity to listen, to embrace wholeness, to surrender our desire for control over outcomes, and to develop patience. All of these are important skills in resolving conflict and living harmoniously.

Anna gratefully acknowledges the teachings of Peter Hockey, Claudia Mangiamele, Diane Long, Sophy Hoare, Paul Wooden, Louise Simmons, Heather Leonard, Noelle Reese-Hatton, Marc Woolford and Hellene Gronda in developing her yoga practice over the years.


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